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Why I Am A Eminem Fan
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Good question, maybe it has something to do with the fact that he talks about things that actually matter to me. He talks about life and how it is without the sugar coating. Em isnt all about bling bling and money like most rappers you see out there. I love the fact I can either relate to his songs or just listen and enjoy each one. I love how no matter how much you listen to a song; it never gets boring or old. Its not common for me to love a song the first time I hear it, but with Em, I always love his songs the first time I hear them.

I also love him for his love for his baby Hailie Jade. There are a lot of terrible parents out there and to see someone so obviously devoted to their child is refreshing. I love the way you can just tell he is happy being near Hailie. It makes me like him all the more because he is the real him when he is around her. She brings out his soft sweet side that many of the critics and haters dont care to know exists. If you want to see Em truly happy, just look for Hai-Hai and you will see that adorable smile.

Eminem will be around for a long time. It is apparent from all the success he has had already. I will do what I can to make sure he is around even if its just for me. ;)

Some people might think I am just another obsessed teen who will get over it in a month. But thats not true; I have loved him for 4 and a half years in counting. I have loved Em since I heard My Name Is on the radio. To tell the truth I thought he was black like 99% of you all Im sure. But when I saw him for the first time I fell in love!

lol yes I love him for his looks too! think about it, its an extra great bonus! I love his baby blue eyes and his awesome smile. Plus his unique nose! Yeah his nose is one of a kind. I also love his amazing hands, very nice.


Eminem is my therapy. Whenever Im pissed, sad, mad, happy, exited, bitchy or whatever mood I might be, one of his songs is for me. I wake up to Em and fall asleep to him if I need to. Or some days I wont listen to him at all. The point is, I dont center my life around him, because thats plain stupid, but I do enjoy my own dose of Slim Shady. My room is filled with his and Hailies pics. And about 95% if the time one of his cds is in my Discman.

I made this site because I wanted to share my pics, and info on Em and Hai-Hai with whoever happens to be browsing the web and happens to come across this site. I wanted to let everyone know I AM AN EMERICAN and i am proud

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