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This is a page dedicated, from the fans, to the amazing rapper and lyrical genius himself: Eminem.

All material featured on this page has been made by fans from all over the world. No replication or republishing of any material is allowed without consent by the owners. The material on this page has not been changed in any way; it is solely the owner of the arts words and/or work.

If you want to have your art publicized on this page, please email me.



Poems/Shout Outs

Hopefully this will reach you Em,

As I have something to say.

Perhaps I don't know where to start;

Perhaps I could write all day?

Your music is alive, and it speaks to me, 

But at the same time I think to myself,

If Em never followed his dream, would he have been free?

Right now I believe you have everything-

The most beautiful daughter,

Hailie; friends, and even the ability to sing!

Dear Marshall/Eminem/Slim Shady,

All I really want for

You to have this October, is a very happy 30th birthday!

HaVe A gReAt DaY!

The real Eminem is not angry, nor does he always swear
He is just a normal guy,but the public continues to tear....
at his personality, heart, and soul
for there is a sweet guy he wants us to get to know
The Real Him
who had his heart ripped out by Kim
whos dad left him when he was a baby
his mother who is mean and crazy
his little lady Hailie


Glow in the dark stars used to light up my room when I cried over dad

Now your blue eyes light up my heart when that fag makes me mad

I know what's ahead and what I lead, leaving behind

saying f*** all the stuff that clogged up my mind

So I have to thank you and let you know

your the only thing helping me grow

I'm one die hard fan like all of the world

just hoping to be the first white rapping girl

though I haven't succeeded quite yet cause the hoe took my place

18 years old for ever remember my face

Nyc and S-h-ady within years swear I'll be

More famous than you bitch wait and see