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Best Male  -2000 MTV VMAs



(clears his throat and laughs) Ummm...last year when I won an award, I wasn't really expecting it...and I didn't have like a speech or anything prepared. It kinda had-it caught me off guard. So this year, I brought a speech with me already prepared in case I might win. (reaches into his pocket) I got it right here. (looks for it in pocket, but only finds some drugs that fall out onto the floor) Alright, I ain't really got no speech. I can't find right now, but thank you.


Best Video OF The Year  -2000 MTV VMAs



(clears throat) Alright, U know I thought it was about to go down, right? Christina and Britney just came out here. I thought they was presentin' the award, so I thought something was about to happen, but I guess not. This has been a crazy night already. Umm-oh I found my speech. I found my speech. First I wanna thank Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine, Tetfield, Paul Rosenberg, my group D-12, Dean Geistlinger, Proof, Head, ummm (clears his throat again) David Saslow, Phillip Atwell, uhhh, my road manager Marc Labelle, everybody who's stuck with me and all that stuff and ummm (laughs). This is crazy. I wanna thank the fans. Hold on-I wanna (audience cheersEM laughs again) Listen. I wanna thank the fans first and foremost. But really, every time that like a relative sues me or (laughs) every time-every time a critic tries to slam me in the press or whatever, I sell more records, so I really wanna thank you people for making my record as big as it is. (Lifts up moon man award) I'm gonna take this home and put it right between my Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera posters.


Best New Artist  -MTV VMAs 1999



Uh oh, was this supposed to happen? I ain't even now how heavy this award's pretty heavy. Listen, I ain't have a speech prepared or whatever. But ummm...First of all I wanna thank...blow the spot-Mr. Dre. I wanna thank...I wanna thank my manager Paul Rosenberg, all the fans... Hi Hailie Jade. I love you baby.

Thats All I Have For Right Now!!Keep Checking back!!

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