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I'm sorry Marshall .. I never meant to hurt you
27 September 2002 - 6:02pm EST

Eminem's mother appears to be extending an olive branch to her son,
claiming among other things that it wasn't her idea to launch the
infamous $10 million law suit againt Em. Under normal circumstances, a
lawyer would be disbarred for filing a lawsuit on behalf of their
client without authorization, but Debbie Mathers insists that her
attorney did just that.

"I never intended to sue my son. The lawsuit was my attempt to hold on
to my home," claims Ms. Mathers, adding, "I'd given
Marshall my
trailer to rent when I moved back to
Missouri. But Kim fell behind
with the payments. I figured I had to sell it to pay the debt, but she
wouldn't let me. She threatened me with a lawyer, so I consulted one
myself. Then the whole thing just escalated. The first thing I knew, I
swear, was when
Marshall rang me and said, 'Mom, why are you suing me
for $10 million?' I nearly fell over."

While Debbie Mathers insists she was not a greedy mom trying to make a
buck off of her child, the general public, and indeed Eminem's many
fans, weren't so sure.

Ms. Mathers continued: "Then word got out and the world saw me as an
evil bitch from hell. What mother sues her own son? I was cursed in
public, spat at in shopping malls. I know we've got a long way to go
before things can be put right between us.
Marshall's bodyguards tell
me he's confused and that breaks my heart. The trouble is, he never
could stand on his own two feet, but I pray he will soon. I always
stood up for him, but now his life is out of control. I'm just waiting
for the day he comes to me and says, I'm sorry Mom. I'll always be
there for him. He's my son."

Who knows if the mother and son will ever reconcile, however I
recently attented the Anger Management Tour - and I think the entire
audience said it best, while during the first verse of Without Me
everyone yelled out at the top of their lungs: FUCK YOU DEBBIE!

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