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All You Need To Know Bout' Eminem
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Marshall Bruce Mathers III

BIRTHDAY:October 17, 1972


MaInLy FrOm: Detroit,MI (EM moved constantly

from Missouri to Warren to Kansas City...) The house on the white cover of the Marshall

Mathers LP was where EM spent most of his adolescence. It's located in Dresden, Michigan.


PARENTS:Deborah Mathers-Briggs and Marshall Mathers

II (left EM and his mom when he was 6 months old)He's now a factory worker in San Diego

SIBLING: (Half Brother) Nathaniel Briggs (AKA Nate


EX-WIFE:: Kimberly Anne Scott

SCHOOLS:: Dort Elementary School, Osbourne Junior High School, Lincoln High School-Dropped

out after failing 9th grade 3 times. Mainly because he skipped school too many times to battle kids on the street corners.

EM wanted to concentrate a lot more on his rap. Kim also attended Lincoln High, but eventually dropped out with EM


was 15 and Kim was 13) At 1 of EM's friends houses. She came over while he was lipsynching to LL Cool J songs and jumping

on the furniture.

MARRIED: June 14, 1999 in St. Joseph, MO -private ceremony until Kim revealed it to the Detroit News in 2000. The word

also got out when stupid ass Christina Aguilera announced the marriage on MTV & the couple wasn't even ready to make that

announcement... The reason the couple tried to keep their marriage a secret was because of the fact that EM was considered

one of hip hop's most eligible bachelors and thought that if word got out, it would hurt record sales. (even Eve said that

if she had to be with a white boy, it would be him)

DAUGHTER: Hailie Jade Scott (Born December 25, 1995)

FACT: Em HATES it when people spell Hailie's name wrong.

H-A-I-L-I-E Get it right people.

*~Em is left-handed.

*~ EM cuts his own hair

*~ EM wishes he had a

Taco Bell in his backyard cuz he likes it so much.

*~EM's favorite drink is Mountain Dew.

*~ EM's first movie is


*~EM had been wanting 2 sample Aerosmith's "Dream On" since he was 16 or 17. Proof reminded him about it and EM sampled

it for "Sing For The Moment".

*~The name of the song playing in the background of The Kiss (skit on The Eminem Show)

is called "Everyone's Looking At Me." It was a song that EM recorded 4 The Wash soundtrack, but never made it.

*~EM was embarrassed

2 release "Hailie's Song" at first.

*~Hailie plays video games and colors while EM records in the studio. She came up

w/the hook to "My Dad's Gone Crazy" one day while she was there playing around and said "Somebody please help me!"

*~EM likes to play arcades

at his house. He has Popeye, Dig Dug, and Ms. Pacman.

*~EM says that the next group he's gonna sign 2 his label, Shady

Records are the Outsidaz.

*~EM watches Dora the Explorer, Hey Arnold, and the Powerpuff Girls with daughter


*~ Some of EM's favorite movies are How High?, Orange County, and The Matrix.

*~ EM wears glasses.

*~EM's favorite color

is light blue.

*~EM's shoe size is 10 1/2.

*~ Tom Green and South Park make Em laugh

like crazy.

*~ EM writes his lyrics, at the corner of the paper and writes downward instead of writing on the lines.

~ To record "Just the

Two of Us" with Hailie in the studio, (now known as "Bonnie and Clyde '97") EM told Kim he was gonna take Hailie to Chuck

E. Cheese.

*~ EM's 8 year old niece, Amy is a big influence on Hailie. He says that she and Hailie feed off of each

other because Hailie learns a lot from her. He adopted Amy and gave her his last name.

*~ EMs major influences

growing up were his uncle Ronnie, the Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, 2 Live Crew, Run DMC, and 3rd Bass.

*~ EM's uncle Ronnie

bought him his 1st rap album, the "Breakin'" soundtrack. The album also inspired him to become the expert breakdancer he is


*~The name of EM's tattoo artist is Mr. Cartoon-who is located in California.

*~ EM was in a couple

of groups before he decided to go solo in 1997. Some of the groups included: Bassment Productions, the New Jacks, and Soul

Intent. 1 of these groups would perform wearing ski masks and sweat suits. When they finished their set, they would unmask


*~EM fell in love with rap when he 1st heard Ice-Ts Reckless & started writing rhymes when

he was 12 years old.

*~ EM would spend hours at night studying the dictionary so that he could expand his vocabulary

for his raps.

*~ EM still gets nervous before going on stage.

*~EM worked for a factory called Gibbs Machinery when

he was 16. He had a lot of odd jobs (sweeping floors, taking out the trash) and also worked at Little Ceaser's pizza.

*~ EM was a short-order

cook at a restaurant called Gilbert's Lodge in St. Claire Shores, Michigan. Whenever he had some

lyrics he needed to write down, he'd write them on some receipts. He also used to write his lyrics in pencil on the wall above

his bed, but his mom got really pissed cuz the paint came off after trying to erase them. When his friends came to eat, he

would also rap things off the menu to them.

*~ EM was really quiet at school and had a hard time making friends,

but started becoming more social in the 8th grade. He used to spend his free time watching TV and reading comic books.

*~ Before EM heard rap,

he wanted to be a comic book artist.

*~EM and Kim used to live in all black neighborhoods, so they would usually meet each

other half way or at the railroad tracks to avoid harm. EM would usually get beat up on the way there and even got shot at


*~ Dre discovered EM after finding his demo tape on the floor of his studio. Then after EM won 2nd place in the Rap

Olympics, he decided to sign him to his label.

*~ EM has his own record label-Shady Records & has D-12 signed

to it.

*~ EMs favorite collaboration with Dre is Forgot About Dre, but both of them say that they havent even

come close to the best that they can do on a record.

*~ Kim has a twin sister named Dawn. (Amys Mother)

*~ EM gave Paul Rosenberg

one of the Grammys that he won in 2000.

*~ Paul "Bunyan" Rosenberg has been EMs mananger since 1995.

*~ EM feels that he cant

trust anybody that he meets because the thinks that they are just trying to befriend him because hes famous. He likes to keep

in touch with his circle of friends who know him as Marshall Mathers.

*~ The background for Kim was on a 1983 episode of

Growing Pains.

*~ EM considers himself to be a happy individual even though a lot of people think hes pissed off

24/7. He says that writing lyrics is his way of venting.

*~ EM says that D'Angelo was the biggest kid in school and he was

the smallest. EM claims he still sees a white dot in his right eye from time to time.

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